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Enter the Cathee.

Below are the 3 most recent journal entries.


  2003.06.14  00.39

This depresses me. My hamster died..after 3 years. I dunno what happened to him, he was all puffy. Sadness..

Mood: crappy

  2003.06.08  15.55

I think I have begun to figure some of this stuff out..Iam still abit consfused though..for everyone with a journal. melodramatic..is MUCH easier..but yea, thats just me. =)

Anways, for a real post...

Iam just looking for somewhere else to vent. A place where people really cant find me unless I want them to...

Life is a bitch, always pushing me around. It really sucks. My dad is driving me over the edge again..he never stops. He says he wants me to be happy, yet, whenever Iam happy he steals it away...he is just really confusing is all.

Boys suck, nuff said about that.

I think I need a nap or something..oh damn, and that thing rings again..should I or shouldnt I pick it up, decisions decisions. Well toddles, for now.

Mood: confused

  2003.06.08  14.53
Look, Iam new!

Meow? Iam totally new to live journal, looks like fun though. How do I find groups, Iam in utter confusion. If you could post a comment that would be super duper, kay bye bye!

Mood: sleepy

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